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The yacht "THETIS I" is moored in Mandraki marina, at the commercial town center of Rhodes.
Cruises are skippered with a skipper that is a very experienced and educated sailor with more than 20 years sailing experience. Together with his also knowledgeable assistant, they'll ensure you have a memorable, pleasant and safe journey.

Mandraki marina is the normal starting point of every cruise. However, we can always pick you up at your hotel or other suitable place, provided such a prior arrangement is made with the skipper.

The type of cruise, its duration, the course and destination, is ultimately your own decision, based on your aspirations and interests. The skipper will assist you to settle on the best execution plan.

Cruises can be a single day coastal cruise, a two day coastal cruise, a two day island cruise, or a cruise that last as many days, venture offshore and go to as many places as you desire.

Rhodes Mandraki Marina
Rhodes Mandraki Marina
Rhodes Marina Entrance
Rhodes Marina Entrance
Rhodes marina dock
Rhodes Mandraki Marina

Single day cruise in Rhodes

Cruises normally start at 9:00-9:30 am and return by 5:00 -5:30pm. We can carry a total of 10 passengers (excluding the skipper and mate).

The trip is alongside Rhodes’ eastern (leeward) coast line, where many of the island’s best and well known beaches -many of which repeatedly win international awards- are located. Kalithea, Faliraki, Anthony Quin, Ladiko and Traganou are certainly all within reach although time will be the major limiting factor and will likely only permit a visit to one or two of them.

After approximately one hour’s sail, we stop for about 30 minutes at the uniquely beautiful Kalithea cove.
You can enjoy a quick swim in the crystal-clear water, while we serve you coffee and/or refreshments with sweets or snacks.

The trip continues for another hour to one of the aforementioned beaches, where we’ll anchor for approximately three hours.
You cool down swimming or relax and get a tan sunbathing leisurely.
We’ll serve you a lite home cooked meal with drinks and do our best you have the most pleasant time.
On the way back, and assuming time permits, we stop for yet another swim to a beach of your choice.

Rhodes Kalithea cove
Rhodes Kalithea view
Rhodes Faliraki beach
Rhodes Anthony Quin cove
Anthony Quin-Rhodes
Rhodes Ladiko cove
Rhodes Traganou beach

Two day cruise choice A

Up to six persons (excluding the captain and mate) can participate in multi-day cruises.

One choice is to remain in Rhodes and sail alongside the eastern (leeward) coast again to the beautiful, graphic, well known and excessively visited town of Lindos. The trip there is about 5 hours long.

To prevent long distance fatigue, we can break the journey and stop at the beautiful Kolymbia and/or magnificently unique Tsambika beach for about one hour in each one.

At the first stopover, we serve you coffee and refreshments with sweet and/or salty snacks.
If we make a second stop, we’ll serve you a lite meal with drinks (water, pop, beer). In any case swimming, sunbathing, snacks and drinks are always "in the menu" and available for you to enjoy

Early in the afternoon we'll arrive in Lindos, and drop anchor in the small natural harbor at the foot of the hill upon which the village is built. We'll again serve afternoon coffee and snacks or lite meal if this was not served earlier.

You swim, relax, but above all, enjoy the magnificent view from the sea.
In the evening we use the inflatable dingy to transport you ashore. You can walk the graphic narrow streets, explore the interesting village and have your evening meal in one of the many "tavernas" available.
You have the extra benefit of being able to do all this in a relatively quiet environment since the multitude of buses and ferries transporting the large crowds from Rhodes to Lindos have by now returned and piece and tranquility is temporarily restored.

At the predetermined time we bring you back to the yacht where you can once again admire the panoramic view of the village and the acropolis, quite transformed now by the darkness and the colorful lights. You go to sleep any time you feel.

The morning starts with a Greek breakfast with coffee or tea, village whole wheat bread, strained yogurt, homemade marmalade, pure aromatic honey from our own bees and butter. Of course it’s never too early to start swimming.
Around 10:00 am we start the return journey. We follow the same routine, and depending on your mood we can again make one or two stopovers with snacks, refreshments and lite meal. We should be at the home base by 5:00 – 6:00 pm.

Anchorage of Lindos-Rhodes
Rhodes Kolympia beach
Rhodes Tsampika beach

Two day cruise choice B

Up to six persons (excluding the captain and mate) can participate in two-day cruises.

An other choice for a two day cruise is to sail approximately 20 nm to the picturesque island of Symi.
The entire trip should last 4 – 5 hours. Before arriving we can stop at one of the nicest little coves in Symi: The majestic cove of Ai Giorgis “dysalotos” (meaning impossible to conquer).
Swim in the crystal clear blue-green waters and enjoy the truly unique view.
We’ll serve you snacks and refreshments while you rest and swim.

After 1-2 hours we head for the graphic settlement of Symi. We moor in the busy natural harbor and you are free to do …whatever you like.
A variety of food establishments large and small await to serve their specialties, narrow streets with innumerable stone stairs invite you to walk, lots of waterfront cafes and bars persuade you to sample their sweets, refreshments and ice cream, and to drink and listen to their loud music all night long.

In the morning, start the day with a nice breakfast in one of the nearby cafes. Around 10:00 am we sail for the islet of Seskli, ¼ mile off the south end of Symi. You can swim in yet another iconic cove with clear and refreshing water. We'll serve you coffee and/or refreshments and a snack with "Symiot" cheese pie.

The return trip should start around 1:00 pm allowing you enough time to really enjoy the last swimming place, and we should arrive at the home port of mandraki around 6:00 pm.

Symi island
Ai Giorgis
Ai Giorgis
Ai Giorgis
Ai Giorgis

Multi-day cruises

Up to six persons (excluding the captain and mate) can participate in multi-day cruises.

For cruises that last more than two days, the possibilities open up accordingly, since the multitude of Greek isles in the Agean archipelago are all possible and highly desired destinations.
Some planning will be required, so speak with the captain to come up with the most suitable route. Inform him for any medical condition, or special needs you may have.

The yacht is fully equipped with the basic supplies and utensils. No need to bring anything besides your personal items and clothes.
While traveling, you'll have unlimited access to refreshments and coffee at no extra charge.

Food is your responsibility, so before departing do your shopping for provisions. We can assist you to do so if you like, and can also transfer your shopping bags to the yacht